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Everyday there are literally hundreds of new products that come out into the market place…waiting for HUNGRY affiliates to jump on them and rake in some serious commissions. What does this mean for you? That’s opportunity knocking, baby! But don’t rush the process because it is a process.

When I got started, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I bought a lot of books and software that I didn’t even need. But you couldn’t tell me that at the time. I wanted it all. And I thought they were going to get me there. Wrong. That’s the quickest way to lose your shirt. As it turns out, good old-fashioned trial and error works better. Doing my research, paying my dues and asking a lot people a lot of questions.

Over time, I realized that building a business online is really not different from any other business model. We go into business sell products or services. We advertise to get customers. More sales. Make more profit. That’s an over-simplified version but you get the idea. Your online empire is based on this same principle.

Here is my simple way of doing things. I find a product or service that I want to promote. I build a site. I drive traffic to the site to get eyeballs on the offers. More eyeballs. More sales. Right now, my empire consists of 100+ sites across different platforms. I’ll go into ….Okay, enough chatting. Here are the 3-Pillars that rule my business.


Pillar #1: ”Measure twice. Cut once.”
Take the time to build your assets right the first time. Structure your sites to live forever by addressing evergreen subjects (like this article).

Pillar #2: ”Take Flight”
Keep moving forward, buy keywords, register domains, focus on upward trending niches, drive traffic.

Pillar #3: ”Scale Tall and Wide”
Develop a system that you can duplicate over and over. This is the stuff dreams (and millions) are made of.
Pssst….can I tell you something? If you are at the beginning of your empire or knee deep in it, you have to get focused and organized. For this, I use Evernote. It literally is the backbone of my business. If it wasn’t for this amazing free tool, I’d be stir crazy by now.

The cool thing about it is you can use it online, on your offline computer, and
on your Smartphone via the free App. So, so cool.

Here’s your homework…Go to and sign-up for your free

Let me tell you, Daniel Gold rocked it when he wrote about Evernote in his guide. I can hardly believe he’s still selling this incredible guide for only $5 humdingers. Anyway, you can read more about here: