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You need to do something to make money, regardless of taking a very
small action or big one.  If you accept that fact, then it’s obvious you’re on the
right track. To create wealth and becoming a millionaire you need to have a
vehicle or platform and a plan to execute it. That is opportunity.

There is immediate income, the income you’ll need the next 30 days. Basically, this is your life line – you need money right now to not only enjoy your lifestyle but also to  fund your journey to financial freedom.

Intermediate income is income that you’ll have within months and can be extended
to a year or so.  It creates short-term passive income. For instance, you own a
membership where people are paying you monthly fee.

Passive income is where you are free. You can choose when to work or not to work anymore. The biggest mistake that average people make and keeps them from millionaire status is simply not choosing the right opportunity that can lead to this

Opportunity and what you choose to do with it is the vehicle to get you from point A to point B.  That being said, your focus has to be the destination.  In my years of making money and creating wealth, I’ve used at least 3 major opportunities, the internet being one of them.

The greatest joy is setting things up like a well-oiled machine, and letting it the system do the work on an automatic basis.  The system is working hard for me while I enjoy the fruits of the labor. I am truly free to enjoy life the way it was intended to be lived –on my terms.

Are you ready to get to the next level?