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It’s Facebook this and Fan Page that right now!  Google Plus is either awesome or everyone hates it, and everyone is talking about Twitter and Social Media non-stop!
The one thing that DOES get overlooked by most is YouTube.
Traffic from YouTube to your website is some of the highest quality traffic you can get!
But, here’s the problem:  when most people think of YouTube and they think music video or funny cat videos.  I mean…how do WE compete with that? 
Well, the good news is we don’t have to!   I have a simple video marketing strategy that doesn’t include you making a public spectacle of yourself in front of the camera to entertain the World.  I don’t do that myself and you don’t need to do it either.
Unfortunately, when you see videos with 1 million views and then look back at your
channel and see videos with only a couple hundred, you get discouraged real fast, don’t ya? Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…
I mean that by the time viewers have finished watching your videos, they have built up rapport with you!  By watching YOU, they begin to get a feel for who you are and if they could actually do business with you.  By the time they go from your video to your website, they ALREADY know, like & trust you!  This way, taking action with you becomes a no brainer!
In a nutshell, YouTube is all about QUALITY over QUANTITY!!
That’s what it’s all about! Stop focusing on “Viral Videos” and trying to make a “one-hit wonder video!”  Instead, create videos with built-in VALUE that get found by your ideal customers when they are searching for information in your industry.
My Awesome Video Marketing Strategy:
  • Camera shy? Create how-to videos with lots of images!
  • Keep it short – anything longer than 2 minutes and people might tune out!
  • Create different kinds of videos – mix it up to keep your audience engaged!
  • Closing – end with a positive message and add your website in the final frame!
Simple, right?