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There’s something about Warren Buffett. He’s insanely rich so people will believe every word that comes out of his mouth no matter how bizarre.

As one of the richest men in the world, his opinions carry almost Biblical impact, even when they might be completely “off”.

For instance, he stated that drinking Coca Cola is better [for him] than eating broccoli What?

Buffett also famously expresses that people should simply own a US stock market index fund (like the S&P 500) and hold it for 50 years. Even with dividends, fund expenses, taxes, etc. the evidence still doesn’t support Buffett’s assertion. The mind boggles.
Buffett is also well known for a holding period for owning stocks ‘forever’. That strategy won’t work today because circumstances change. Dramatically.

But perhaps one of Buffett’s most popular opinions is that America is simply awesome and will only get better. He’s spoken and written extensively that America is the #1 place to be in the world, with massive opportunity and things will only get better.

Yes, the United States is an amazing place.

However, Buffett’s outlook on the United States is underpinned by the flawed assumption that the next 50 years will look like the previous 50 years. That assertion couldn’t be further from the truth, because quite frankly, the border-less and ageless Internet of everything is the most powerful, new economy.

Let’s look at this way: back in the 1960s when Warren Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway was rapidly expanding, the US government’s debt level was low and the dollar was strong. But since then there have been thousands of new regulations created and the national debt is trillions of dollars and growing.

So with all due respect to Warren Buffet’s investment acumen, there are years of human history proving that his outlook on America is wrong. This matters because history is very clear on one specific point: wealth and power shift.

Holding stock forever doesn’t work.

So how do you navigate or even mitigate loss in unstable economic circumstances that threatens your financial finances?

You don’t need to own stocks. You don’t need to buy bonds. You don’t even need to do any sort of day trading. That is mediocrity in a marketplace where the traditional models of success don’t work.
What I suggest is to find opportunities that are unconventional — this thinking is aligned with success. The Internet of everything is borderless and ageless so it is where you will achieve financial prosperity no matter what happens in the U.S. economy.

In short, I found the strategies that work best for me are strategies that align with my true self rather than chasing traditions or chasing trends with endless charts to analyze. Simply, they allow me to utilize the internet. For example, the latest strategy I developed is the ORE PPM. I developed it as a five-year millionaire retirement plan that invests in the Internet.  There’s no other investment opportunity that can compare. I’m not talking about some method tested back in 1960s…I’m talking about actual returns and a real track record. And this strategy will help you beat the market 10 to 1 over the next five years without the need to track the markets to see if the market did this or that. Simple. Elegant. Any stress-free element is a good investment strategy.



Anelia Sutton, MBA, Post-MBA

Anelia Sutton is known as the world’s highest paid website design consultant and she’s famous for creating some of the highest grossing Internet investment opportunities in the history of the Information industry.

She is a Chairman Circle member in the Oxford Club, National Association of Female Executives, recipient of America’s Premier Experts award, U.S. Navy Veteran (still serving), and featured on over 240 media outlets and web portals including NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News, Huffington Post and Forbes.

She co-authored Performance 360 with the world’s leading entrepreneurs including Richard Branson. She has customers and clients on a few continents and regularly acts as design adviser to celebrities, best selling authors, and celebrity entrepreneurs.

Anelia is a 20-year investor and serial online entrepreneur who helps investors mine passive income gold via O.R.E. (Online Real Estate). To download a free copy of Anelia’s ebook, ORE: Discover the Bold New Asset Classclick here.