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Even some of America’s most prominent people discuss important mentors in their lives — family members, teachers, coaches, friends, neighbors — who provided support and help make them who they are today.



Maya Angelou mentor to Oprah Winfrey

Phil Jackson mentor to Michael Jordan

Warren Buffett mentor to Bill Gates

Stanley Standler mentor to Adam Sandler 

Martin Scorsese mentor to Katherine Lindberg

Michael Jackson mentor to Kobe Bryant 

Thomas Edison mentor to Henry Ford

Bruce Lee mentor to Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan mentor to Jet Li

Bob Thomas mentor to Walt Disney

Bill Campbell mentor to Steve Jobs and Eric Schimdt

Laurence Van Der Post mentor to Prince Charles Windslor



Max talmey mentor to Albert Einstein 

Eric Von Schmidt mentor to Bob Dylan

Matthias Ruth mentor to Babe Ruth

Andrea Del Verrocchio mentor to Leonardo Da Vinci

Ronald Reagan mentor to Christine Todd Whitman

George Mason mentor to Thomas Jefferson

Andrew Jackson mentor to Sam Houston

Joe K. Oliver mentor to Louis S. Armstrong 

Paul Robeson mentor to Barack Obama


Here’s a must see video where  musician Bootsy Collins talk about his mentor.