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Without the correct attitude about achieving our dreams success will continue to allude you. But with the correct  mentality, you will succeed and eventually even surpass your wildest dreams.

Here’s a real life story of what happened when twenty strangers agreed to do a test. The goal was to earn $50,000 in three months with a few simple rules: create a product and launch their product in the same niche.  This was a lofty goal, particularly considering a number of them were dead broke. But the results is nothing short of a miracle because in just nine weeks, only 2 players surpassed the target and 5 were quickly gaining on them.  However, over half  were barely scraping by at the end of contest.

They were all intelligent folks so what was the difference? The glaring distinction separating the winners from the losers was how they what their attitude and how seriously they took the challenge.

The winners had these personality traits…

The winners had deadlines circled on their calendars and wrote their goals.  They missed a few deadlines but they didn’t stop trying hard to achieve them.  They focused on one project.   They accept failure as par for the course and embrace it.  They realize early attempts may not succeed so they get early attempts out of the way as part of the learning curve.

They accept mistakes as par for the course.  They don’t accept defeat and say “If others figure out how to do it then I can too”. They examine, research, and reconstruct in an effort to learn how it is done.  They incorporate their own marketing position and blend in a few ideas from other successful people.  They accentuate  their strengths and delegate other tasks in areas where they’re not as strong.

The winners network with other successful people they can emulate.  They pay generously and share their profits to help others.  This motivates others around them and additional opportunities seem to follow them.  They dedicate 70 percent of their time to marketing and 30 percent on the product itself.  The winners were disciplined and set aside time to do everything on their agenda.  They remove anything that may suck time away and get rid of the things that stop them from working.

In contrast, the Losers had these dominating traits…

The losers bounce around from one idea to the next. They didn’t make any targets or deadlines. They lack focus, or focused on having everything “perfect”.   They allow their fear of mistakes to paralyze them.   They refuse to make any real change and are reluctant to admit they are doing something wrong and never learn there is nothing bad about being wrong or making a mistake. They make a lot of excuses to explain why they aren’t able to achieve the same results as the winners.  Losers dismiss having any unique selling propositions and simply copy everyone else.

They frustrate successful people because they never take the advice generously given to them.  They don’t network with successful people because it forces them to see the changes they need to make so they often opt out of events.  They are greedy hoarders who don’t share in the profits with others resulting in being alienated and losing potential opportunities.

Losers spend a lot of time and resources on the product itself and not enough time on marketing.    Although their product is a good one but without a solid marketing plan the launch is a failure.  They routinely invite distractions like checking email, online chatting, watching TV,  which results in them not getting anything done.

Would you pass the test?